When Darkness Ends by Alexandra Ivy

Book 12 in the Guardians of Eternity series
Book 12 in the Guardians of Eternity series

“It is a baffling mystery of nature, like rainbows and unicorns and the breakup of the Backstreet Boys.” He shook his head. “Unexplainable.” – Levet, When Darkness Ends

**I was lucky enough to receive this advance reader copy through NetGalley**

If you thought that Alexandra Ivy was losing steam in this hot paranormal series, it is officially time to check yourself.  Based in a fantastic world where paranormal species coexist alongside unknowing humans, the latest book in the Guardians of Eternity series will keep fans coming back for more.  While the book could stand alone, reading the previous books in the series will enrich the experience.  Demons, druids, witches, half-breeds and many more paranormal species are featured in this fascinating world built by Ivy as a stage for her charismatic and powerful characters to fight, love, and inspire all the feels.

Fans of the series have been waiting on berserker Cyn’s story, and it arrives with a wonderful surprise – Fallon, Chatri princess!  The beautiful but betrothed Fallon and rough, hedonistic Cyn make a very interesting couple as they struggle to work together and save demonkind without giving in to their base desires.  Fallon is pretty locked into the arranged marriage and service to her King, father, and family, but she is forced to make choices for herself before time runs out for everyone.  The action does not stop in this book, which keeps the reader turning pages but when I finished I felt like the 352 page book had just burned away in a blink.  What am I supposed to do now?

The introduction of the fairy royal caste occurs in Hunt the Darkness, the story about vampire clan chief Roke and Chatri princess Sally.  I cannot be alone in the hopes that someone will punch fairy king daddy Sariel in the kisser one of these days, but I am still awed by their abilities and very interested in seeing what happens with Prince Magnus…will he have a story, too?  On a side note, Levet fans who are hoping to see him in action again will not be disappointed; he makes an appearance and as usual, carries the weight of the whole mission on his poor stunted shoulders.  


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