Four Nights with the Duke by Eloisa James


His body was the opposite of hers.  There wasn’t a bit of fat on him; his body was like stored motion, shaped to conquer men and pleasure women.

In the historical romance genre, Eloisa James is definitely on my one-click buy list.  I really do not need the hook to draw me to the purchase anymore (of course I am going to read that as well!); I just keep moving toward the goal like a barn-sweet horse.  Her latest book really inspired a wide spectrum of emotion, and I honestly feel that way each time I read one of her books.  The initial focus of Four Nights is a young wallflower who finds herself in a horrifyingly embarrassing social situation with her crush, with her reaction running along the lines of “burn the fields and salt the earth” as she turns her back on her first love.

I love that the characters are introduced to the reader in their youth and given time to mature and become more complex before we revisit those youthful feelings again.  While the situation presented in this book (being blackmailed into marriage) is not new to this genre, so many aspects of the story combine to create a fresh take for these characters.  There are so many parts of Four Nights that I loved, from the writer/reader/publisher perspective written into the story to the combustive attraction between the hero and heroine, to the little pieces of herself that Eloisa pressed between the pages.  Can a story have more than one hero?  You should read this story and decide for yourselves!  If you are a fan of historical romance and have not yet sampled the delights of this author, you should definitely check her out – her Desperate Duchesses series is awesome but you can find a link of her books by series here.


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