Love Gone Wild by Michele Bardsley


“His body remained on full alert, ready to French, Italian, and Outer Mongolian kiss her.” – Dane, Love Gone Wild

Love Gone Wild is a cute, contemporary new adult romance, with much of the new adult feel coming from the young heroine.  Marissa is struggling to assert herself and live life despite being overly sheltered as the last living child in her family.  If you have read this author, then you know she kind of thrives on the extreme in the paranormal genre – extremely funny, extremely strange, and extremely action-packed.  While many have seen the lost billionaire/heiress/moneybags stories out there, this one is unique enough to set it apart from the crowd.  I enjoyed the story for the laughable situations, uncomfortable moments, and excessive (or is it?) pet adoption, because everyone wants adoptable pets to find their forever home…unless you are evil, and I only hover at around 34 percent evil on the average.

I admit that I was not a huge fan of Marissa at the beginning of the story, but she definitely won me over.  It is hard for me to read a soft or adrift female lead, but the author applied backbone artfully as the story progressed.  Dane was very likeable as the male lead, and I saw in him some of the same valuable characteristics that I have appreciated from her male roles in previous books.  The story was short, but I think that the author used the length well and it makes a great before bedtime read for both length and content.  Love Gone Wild is currently being offered for the low, low price of free on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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