The Courtesan Duchess by Joanna Shupe


I requested and received this book through Netgalley after reading the summary.  This was the first book that I have read by this author, and it is also the first book in her Wicked Deceptions historical romance series.  I enjoyed the writing style of this author, and I felt that the story was very well put together.  At 352 pages, this book is just the right length to carry you over a two-to-three day reading span and long enough for readers to bond with the characters and become invested in the story.

The tale of a young bride abandoned is not a new one, but Shupe has molded the story into something fresh by putting the forgotten bride on the hunt.  Desperate, Julia is forced to hunt down her absentee spouse in an attempt to seduce him and become pregnant, thus securing her future and that of her dependent aunt.  She went through a lot of trouble to mask as a courtesan, and her wayward husband is immediately magnetized…the problem is that she may have caught herself in her own trap.  In an attempt to prevent further complications, Julia leaves Nicholas in the very early stages of their liaison only to have someone slip Nick the information that he had been duped.  Furious, Nick begins a hunt of his own and returns home to England after swearing to never set foot in the country again.

This story is hot, the passion is palpable, and the struggles and triumphs of the characters inspire a broad range of feelings.  If you enjoy historical romance, action, intellectual and strong female leads, then you will appreciate the style of this author and the first book in this series.  I know I will definitely be looking for the next books in the series in the hopes of seeing some characters from the first book find their own happily ever after.  This book released on 31 March, so you can get it now!


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