The Dragon’s Demon by Marie Harte


This is the first story that I have read by Marie Harte, but I like her style.  I received an advance reader copy through Netgalley.  This book definitely falls into the erotica genre, but it does have a story and a world built for it, so it is more than just the hot and heavy bow-chicka-bow-wow.  I will be tracking future stories within this series as this was the perfect length for reading before bedtime or on short trips.  With multiple races operating outside the human realm, this series touches on religious mythology, creatures that have become figures in the paranormal world (dragons), and even something a little different.  If you like a little bit of evil, hot steamy loving, and ménage, then this book is for you.

Eve Sinclair is beyond exasperated with her brother’s shenanigans.  Upper level demons with missions that function highly into the balance of the world, the siblings are typically down with dirty jobs, but this time her brothers have crossed the line.  Stealing a royal dragon egg brings down the fury of dragon legion commander Ranton, and he catches up with Eve just as she is about to do the right thing and replace the egg with no one the wiser.  Eve has it hot for Ranton (and vice versa), but demons and dragons do not mix, and she has a job to do that does not involve keeping his sheets warm.  The two enemies might not be able to fight fate at all, and Ranton’s brother (the future king) moves to turn the duo into a trio.  The struggle in the end becomes not whether or not Eve will resist, but how much change she can handle while keeping things the same.


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3 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Demon by Marie Harte

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