Under a Blood Moon by Delilah Devlin


I just finished the advance reader copy (ARC) for Under a Blood Moon (the second book in the Beaux Rêve Coven series) which I received through Netgalley.  I am a Delilah Devlin fan, so when I saw one of her books available in a series that I have not checked out yet, I immediately requested it for review.  Steamy, hot, paranormal erotic romance is something that this author specializes in, and she has many published titles.  Nothing is really taboo in her books, so if you are looking for something that crosses lines, sets the lines on fire, and then salts the earth – look no further.

The Beaux Rêve Coven series is built around a small group of witches living on their own in a small isolated Louisiana community.  Under a Blood Moon focuses on water witch Miren and sea draugr Renner.  Miren escaped to this area with her coven sisters to be free, but fate has worked against them by depositing a large group of eligible and interested males in the area.  Demon/witch pairings can be harmful, with the witch standing to lose a lot.  Based on past experience, Miren is not sure if she is interested in commitment at all.  Renner has had his eye on Miren since they arrived, and the luscious mermen twins share his interest.  Can he convince her that their relationship is worth the sacrifice, and that he will always put her first?  Will Miren decide that the juice is not worth the squeeze, or that more is better?

If you enjoy paranormal erotic romance, you will definitely like this book.  You will not jump directly into the hot and steamy, but there is a quick build toward combustion.  Coming into the series on the second book did not impede enjoyment of the story, but I think a foundation on the characters and world (which would come through prior introduction) would enhance the read.  Expect sizzling ménage, a wide range of paranormal species, and the classic male and female power struggle.


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