Blush by Cherry Adair


“Do you want to pick another safe word? he asked against her ear, voice amused. “Fucking get your hands off me is a bit long.” – Cruz Barcelona

I was lucky enough to receive an advance reader copy (ARC) of this book through Netgalley.  This is the first book that I have read by Cherry Adair, as she writes a great deal in the romantic suspense genre which I have neglected horribly as a romance reader.  I heard her speak at the 2014 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, and she is hilarious and very knowledgeable.  I had an amazing quote all picked out for this review, but as it is an advance copy I cannot post the quote just yet.  Quoting aside, Blush is definitely the type of book that hooks a reader on the genre and author.

Amelia Wentworth is on the run after multiple attempts on her life.  It is definitely hard to go from CEO of a cosmetics giant to roughing it in the Louisiana backwoods, but she is willing to bide her time until everything gets sorted out and she can return to familiar territory.  If the clock is ticking, Amelia has a few things that she needs to check off her bucket list before she kicks the bucket.  Some people never get to experience everyday things that people take for granted, like cooking.  Setting aside the more mundane tasks, though…what could be more exciting than sex in public?  Sex with a stranger?  As Amelia furiously attempts to pare down her list, death comes knocking in the form of a hot handyman.

Hitman Cruz Barcelona has decided that the hit on Amelia will be his last job before retirement.  Cruz has a reputation in the business for being highly efficient, timely, and prides himself on targeting only those he deems deserving of death.  The problems start the minute he sees Amelia, posing as Mia Hayward, dancing like no one is watching in a ramshackle home on the edge of the bayou.  Is this for real?  While evidence against her may be overwhelming, Cruz decides to do a little more research before doing the deed, but getting closer may soften his resolve to close the deal.

This story was super steamy, and the author does not play around, jumping straight into the action.  The characters are adorable, and Cherry Adair manages to introduce several conflicts with very satisfying resolutions.  I am definitely not heavy into the cosmetics industry, but the terminology was basic enough for me to follow without going overboard.  I am fascinated with the way this author writes and was especially pleased to learn two new words (how much of a book nerd am I, really?) while reading this book.  Mad props across the board for Blush.


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