Duchess by Night – Eloisa James


I want to admit that I have a serious reader-crush on this author right out the gate.  While I read so many books and stories, her Three Weeks with Lady X gave me all the feels and was the book that helped me push myself into reviewing.  When it comes to historical romance and bringing something fresh to the scene, you can count on Eloisa James.  You can check out my very first review of the book which was posted 10 whole months ago right here!  

In Duchess by Night, the third book in the Desperate Duchesses series (amazing series!), we meet Harriet, the Duchess of Berrow.  If you have read any of the series, you may have seen her before (Oh, Villiers, you dog you!), but prepare to be enchanted by her story.  After a tolerable marriage that ends in tragedy, Harriet is kind of stuck in a slump…and well on her way to becoming one of those dowdy, quiet widows when a friend in need provides a perfect and exciting temporary escape.  This is her chance to go all out and give in to every urge she has, but even better…she’ll do it in disguise to maximize the freedom and minimize the potential for damage to her reputation. 

Lord Justinian Strange is definitely feeling some unexpected and unwelcome feelings for the young rake who is visiting his estate which is generally known as a den of sin amongst the ton.  When tasked with taking the young man under his wing to provide some much-needed manly tutelage, he finds more than he could ever hope for…a beautiful woman!  Passion plays a huge part among these two, and while they enjoy each other, Harriet has a world to which she must return, and Justin has not uncovered all her secrets.  Will they be able to overcome the expectations of society and their own rank prejudices to find happiness?

I do not post spoilers in my reviews, but I will say that the women dressed as men (and vice-versa) roles entertain me immensely.  The cross-dressing kind of reminded me of Georgette Heyer’s The Masqueraders, which does not have steamy scenes, but is also an amazing story.  I hope you enjoyed the review – I definitely enjoyed the book!


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