Must Love Highlanders by Grace Burrows and Patience Griffin


At an estimated 199 pages, this book contains two awesome contemporary stories by fantastic authors Grace Burrowes and Patience Griffin.  Readers who love Scotland (and Highlanders, hubba hubba!) will fall in love with these stories – I know I did!  Burrowes is a well-known contemporary and historical romance author, and Griffin publishes in the contemporary genre.  Links to the author websites, Facebook, and Twitter are at the bottom of the review as usual!

Dunroamin Holiday by Burrowes is the first story, and the story is about a grown woman at a pivotal point in her life and career who takes a break for herself and ends up meeting an amazing man.  When Louise meets Liam, sparks fly but both of them have relationship issues and personal grief to deal with.  Liam decides to take a step toward clearing the air and their unknown shared history while solidifying the relationship, but Louise could cut him out of her life completely.  This is a definite feel-good story, so if you are looking for something uplifting this will hit the spot!

The Laird by Patience Griffin was so interesting because the author presents a heroine with a handicap, and one that we are all hearing quite a bit about but I have never seen in print: seasonal affective disorder.  I think that people sometimes underestimate what nature does for us, especially the sun, and this story highlights the wonder of the impact our environments make on our daily lives.  The tortured Laird, Hugh, has already met sunny Sophie; they managed to cut each other before even trying to come together.  Now that they have been forced together by an outside hand, the two must get along for at least a little while until Sophie’s apprenticeship is complete…but will they be able to split when the time comes?


If you want to check out Grace Burrowes, you can find her on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

You can also find Patience Griffin on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Please feel free to talk books with me anytime!  While I have a website, Facebook and Twitter are probably the best contact points.


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