The Queen by Megan Reel


I purchased this book based on the recommendation of a paranormal romance author that I follow.  It was labeled erotic fantasy, which is not a completely unfamiliar genre, but not really one that I habitually read.  Amazon is currently selling this title for $2.99 and it comes to an estimated 165 pages, so it is a little on the shorter side and appears to be a larger story broken into novellas as is the trend lately.  I have never heard of the author or the All the Queen’s Men series, but I will be watching it with interest.

The synopsis basically presents the reader with a female leader who represents a goddess, and is required by tradition to take several masked champion to bed until their unions bear fruit.  What is left out in the teasing synopsis is the emotional depth of the characters, and the multiple obstacles that the lead female has to work through.  I am anxious to see if the girl comes into her own power and starts flexing it for her benefit, but even more anxious to see what happens to the six suitors.  Will she be able to keep one for herself, will she be able to take the untouchable male she desires, or will they all go down when a rival power makes its move?

If you have the opportunity, check out the first book and let me know what you think.  It is definitely erotic – steamy and sexy.  I enjoyed it!


You can find the author on her website, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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