Before Midnight by Jennifer Blackstream


This little gem and the first book in Blackstream’s Blood Prince series is currently being offered for the low, low price of free on Amazon.  I read the synopsis and thought I would check it out because it falls into one of my favorite genres – paranormal romance – and because…well it IS free!  I have never read the author or series before, and the book is a little shorter than my preference at an estimated 203 pages, but I do not think the length held it back at all.  There is definitely not much found lacking in the book based on the price alone, but the story was entertaining in that it is a retelling of Cinderella with shifters.

I absolutely detest super cocky males and dishrag females in a story.  It is just a bar that I set for myself in life – I would not tolerate it in reality, so reading about it in my spare time for entertainment is definitely out.  I was disappointed with the inability of the female lead in this book (much as I was in Cinderella’s story) to bring about change.  Once she gets the ball rolling, though, there is no stopping the progression and evolution of her character.  In this tale, both lead male and female have their own problems to overcome, and the problems are definitely not insignificant but huge life issues.  This book hosts born wolf shifters, bitten wolf shifters, and a whole host of paranormal/fantasy creatures for the reader’s pleasure.

I am actually looking forward to cracking the cover on the next story in the series that deals with the vampire prince, Kirill.  If you check the book out – pop back and drop me a comment or hit me up on Facebook/Twitter and let me know what you think!


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