Hawk’s Revenge by Vivi Andrews


I just finished the most recent book by Vivi Andrews, and she really does deliver every time I check out her work.  I love the Karmic Consultants series, and she writes fabulous paranormal romance.  The latest book in her Lone Pine Pride series is definitely in the paranormal romance category with its steamy, shifter goodness.  The investment that the author has put into the series has rendered an interesting assortment of compelling characters and a lasting storyline that weaves throughout the series.  If you are jumping into the series with this book, go for it, but you are missing out if you do not go back and check out the previous books in the series!

After escaping the Organization after months of torture which followed the ultimate betrayal of an intense love interest, Adrian is definitely not himself.  The new person that life has turned in him into has a short list of necessities, with revenge at the very top.  The Hawk wants the Organization crushed, and he wants the object of his betrayal brought low…or does he?  Wires are definitely crossed somewhere along the information and emotion lines, and doctor Rachel Russell has ran out of luck after helping so many shifters escape.  Hawk is her one regret and the last shifter she assists to freedom before losing her own. 

Will Hawk find Rachel before the Organization repays her for working against them?  Will Rachel be able to help Hawk see through the pain to what they could have together?

I loved the book!  Check out the series and the author.  I have two other reviews for this series that you can check out on my site: Taming the Lion and Jaguar’s Kiss.


You can check out the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter!

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