Embrace the Dark by Caris Roane

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After being sucked in by work, family, and life in general for the last few weeks I managed some time to research backlists on favorite authors.  Caris Roane is the author of many books and a few series, but I have followed her Guardians series from the start.  While casting about for something new to check out, I saw some posts about the newest release in her Blood Rose series.  I checked out the summary for the first book in this series on her website and decided to give it a go.

At an estimated 188 pages, this story is a little shorter and more on the novella side, but the author maintained this reader’s interest throughout the tale.  I found the variations in the world that Caris Roane built for this series refreshing, and the remake on vampire power was interesting too.  The typical buildup that you see between a male and female lead in a full-length book was handled nicely by summarizing an antagonistic courtship in the beginning pages.  The summary nicely sidestepped a recurring problem that I have come across (at least in shorter works) with romantic interests coming together and immediately doing the bump and grind – at least here we have some history between the two.  The couple is presented with a range of different obstacles from acceptance of their own people to kidnapping and attempts to end their lives.  Action, emotion, conflict and romance all flow nicely in this story.

I am not a fan of spoilers, so I will say that the series feels right from both the romance and paranormal aspect, and that I will be checking into the remaining books.  If you have not checked out Caris Roane’s work yet, then this is a prime opportunity with the first book in this series being offered for the low, low price of free on Amazon.  She has quite a few works available for all ranges of readers from those who appreciate the shorter pieces to the full length novels.


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