Viscount of Vice by Shana Galen


I hardly ever look at the length of books anymore, but I really enjoy longer pieces, preferably more than 300 pages.  I feel like you get a little more depth of detail and become more connected to the characters if you have a little while to cozy up to them.  When selecting books, several factors come into play, but selecting books based on previous experience with an author’s work has not let me down yet.  Shana Galen’s historical romances are fabulous.  If you have not checked into her Lord and Lady Spy series, then it has action, romance, and those wonderful historical settings that we know and love.  You can find one of my reviews for that series here.

This novella is also an introduction to Galen’s newest series delight – Covent Garden Cubs, which combines the criminal enterprise which is active in historical London with the gloves, gowns, and cravats we expect to see in these stories.  The Viscount of Vice, Henry Flynn, has earned the unofficial title by throwing himself fully into debauchery while consumed with self-loathing over a childhood mistake.  Emma Talbot has been enamored with Henry since the day she met him as a girl, and is not concerned for anything…including her reputation…when it comes to Henry.  In an attempt to assist the object of her affections, both lovebirds are thrust into the mix with the worst type of criminals, and the resurrection of Henry’s reputation takes a back seat while survival becomes the primary goal.  If an old acquaintance comes through, it could solve almost all the problems, but time is definitely a factor.

I enjoyed reading the novella, but it was so…so short!  I NEED more!  This author worked the length like a true professional; the story was sweet, action-packed, and not lacking.  I am really looking forward to the next work by this author, who continues to publish story after story filled with exactly what we need for that short escape.


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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