The Sentinels Series by Alexandra Ivy

I just finished reading the two main books that Alexandra Ivy released in her fabulous Sentinels paranormal romance series.  Born in Blood and Blood Assassin are the type of high quality stories that devoted fans have come to expect from authors of this caliber, and new fans will definitely not be disappointed.  While lately it may seem that the PNR genre is beginning to be saturated with a lot of the same, many of our favorite authors and a few of the newcomers still bring it.  Introducing a world where “high bloods” and “norms” are struggling to coexist, Alexandra Ivy draws the reader in with both likeable and repulsive characters, a world that is by turns real and paranormally fantastic, and irresistible storytelling.


While Out of Control was released in October of 2014 at an estimated 109 pages, it was just enough to get the readers going.  Born in Blood was the first full book of the series at 399 pages, released in December of 2014.  I actually read this book last, which is a direct violation of my book reader commandments, but no harm was done.  All the books in this series stand alone, and they kick butt.  Duncan O’Conner, one of Kansas City’s finest, ends up working with a high blood necromancer on a freaky murder case where bodies have popped up missing hearts.  Callie Brown, the aforementioned necro, has dealt with prejudice and being on her own in the middle of a crowd most of her life.  Duncan and Callie are thrust together by a case, but the action picks and they get closer than they ever imagined.  Will the high bloods or norms pull the couple apart, or will the force they are trying to stop consume everyone on both sides?


At a length of 433 pages, Blood Assassin was such a good read!  I cannot image the story told in fewer or more pages – it was perfect.  I loved the feisty, no-nonsense Serra who worked for the Mave (the high blood leader) as a powerful psychic.  She has been after smokin’ hot guardian and Sentinel Fane for quite some time, but he is resisting the beauty and keeping to his tattooed self for all the wrong reasons.  When Serra is targeted, kidnapped, and drawn into a rabbit hole of potentially apocalyptic proportions…guess who rides to the rescue?  Will Fane be able to keep resisting Serra while all his energy and focus are on dealing with a homicidal kingpin and battling a psychotic murderer with far too much power?

I’ll be checking into Out of Control, but the awesomeness of that story is a foregone conclusion.  Paranormal romance lovers will consider this delightful series an investment.


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