The Captive Hearts Series by Grace Burrowes

The Captive Hearts Series by Grace Burrowes

It feels like I waffle between paranormal and historical binges, with some contemporary or steampunk thrown in there just to shake things up.  My latest binge was Grace Burrowes’ Captive Hearts series.  Honestly, I realize that I should probably review the books one by one, but then I get started and I come up for air when I am finished with the series.  I think one of the authors that I stalk…I mean follow on Facebook (you know what I meant) posted a reading suggestion, so I picked up The Captive and was just blown away.  I would recommend this series to fans of historical romance, especially those interested in the wartime and post wartime settings.  These books in particular were set during the time frame of the Napoleonic Wars.


Book 1 – The Captive – This book focuses on The Lost Duke, Christian Severn, who is held captive by the French for an extended period, exposed to horrible torture and mistreatment.  When he finally makes it back to England, he cannot seem to get his life back on track.  An in-law finally slams into his life, demanding that he wake up and take the reins, doing what is right by his young daughter instead of leaving her alone in the countryside.  Gilly has her own torture to recovery from, and is less than willing to trust a man, especially one who has kept himself alive with thoughts of revenge for so long.  As they work together to help his daughter and bring him back into the world of the living, the two become quite close, but old wounds reopen when a nightmare from the past returns to the scene.  Will Gilly be able to snap Christian back, or will she lose him forever…if he survives this bloodthirsty quest, will she ever be able to trust him again?  Major points for detail in this book, especially regarding recovery from mistreatment and malnourishment…great read!


Book 2 – The Traitor – The Traitor Baron, Sebastian St. Clair, has come home to England after serving the French in the worst capacity possible…while he truly had no choice after being trapped in France as a child, those who suffered his tender mercies while at war are far less understanding.  In order to herself from a very undesirable situation, Milly abandons her terrible family to take up work as a companion.  It just so happens that Sebastian’s doting aunt is in need of help, and Milly moves to fill the position immediately.  Grasping family members, murderous acquaintances (and former prisoners), and the cutthroat society of the age all work together to keep Milly and Sebastian apart…permanently.  Will the two be able to unite together against their enemies…and will they be able to survive long enough to enjoy marriage?


Book 3 – The Laird – This was another heart-wrenching book that fit with the series, but could easily stand alone.  The author moves the setting to Scotland, uniting Michael with his maiden bride from ten years earlier.  After spending years warring for the English and failing to return home at all during that period, Brenna is dubious about her husband’s return.  Michael has a lot of making up to do before he takes his bride as wife, and it appears that there are some hostile undercurrents flowing among his people.  Every step forward is going to be a battle for Michael, and he hopes to find an ally in Brenna.  Will they come together against common foes, or will the household split, with both living separate lives under the same roof?  There are definitely undesirable and potentially disturbing sections in this book, but it is very real, and another great read.

I loved the series, and will be looking at more work by this author in the future.  If you are interested in the author or enjoyed my review, contact information is below!


You can find author Grace Burrowes on her website, Facebook, or Twitter!

If you enjoyed my review, you can find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter too!


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