Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole


Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole

Shut the front door!  I am pretty sure that is the second time I dropped that phrase on a Kresley Cole book, and this fantastic young adult paranormal series is visceral, emotional, and packed with amazing storytelling.  Despite being labeled as young adult, the books in this series really work well with any age.  Expect cursing, violence, and some level of heavy petting in Dead of Winter.  You will love it, you will hate it, and you will want to make book babies with it!  Speaking of book babies, I am pretty sure after reading book three in one binge session that I have some of the symptoms of empty nest.  I have empty book nest syndrome, and the only prescription is more Arcana Chronicles.  My whole family reads this series from my mother down to my oldest daughter – even my husband reads the books.  We are Team Aric and Team Jack, and sometimes even Team Empress.

This series is built around the major arcana in a tarot deck, with the losing face cards from previous post-apocalyptic games reincarnated as teens that must fight for their lives against weaker, stronger, or sometimes bat shit crazy peers. Our main gal Evie is back in the third book, and I bet you want to know where things picked up with her and Death aka Aric at the end of book two…but I am not dropping spoilers here.  Message me on Facebook and I will totally discuss this with you!  Please, God!  No one at home has finished it yet, and I need to talk to someone about the book!    

This third book is just as amazing as the first two, and I am not sure if my heart will hold up against all this excitement and the emotional rollercoaster that I ride as I go from page to page.  Evie is forced to make a decision regarding her romantic interests, and neither guy is holding back in their attempts to sway her as life hangs in the balance for the whole crew.  Several other cards move back into the mix in the third book, and readers are introduced to new heavyweights in the arcana game.  Are the good people really going extinct, and if so where does that leave the handful of survivors?  What will happen to Jack and Aric when Evie makes her final decision, and what will happen to the world?  A lot happens in this book, and fans will not want to miss a moment. 

If you enjoy any of Kresley Cole’s books…any of them at all…you will like this series.  Picture Hunger Games meets The Hills Have Eyes meets…Zombieland?  Okay maybe that was not the best example, but I am still pretty hyper excited from finishing the book.  I am fairly confident in stating that most people who enjoy paranormal will favor this series, and I really hope paranormal fans get a chance to check it out.  I think you can still find the first three chapters of Poison Princess (book one) available on Pulseit for your sampling pleasure.

Reading Order for Arcana Chronicles:

Poison Princess

Endless Knight

Dead of Winter

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