Starlight by Chelsea M. Campbell

What a cute cover!

I just finished Starlight by Chelsea M. Campbell, and I have to say the story and the book were just adorable.  This was a super-fast read for me, at an estimated 140 pages in length, but I enjoyed it so much that I let my 11 year old daughter read it after I vetted the tale for traumatizing, steamy parts.  While I have zero experience with the author’s work, another author that I follow recommended her on Facebook so I purchased the book on Amazon for a few dollars.  In a world where there are so many free e-books swarming around, this was a sound purchase and I was very pleased with the quality and detail.

Adrienne Speck’s traumatic high school experience could be anyone’s, and the cruelty inflicted on her by other teens at the school is palpable.  Who hasn’t had days where they closed their eyes and wished for rescue…or even oblivion, in some cases?  In this regard the plight is easy to sympathize with, and wishing upon a star with results is a dream come true, right?  She has normal wishes to be granted – popularity, a hot date, et cetera, but who is going to keep her from falling for her very own knight in shining armor?

This read is great for all ages, but if you have a tween or teen who could use a good read this is the one for you.



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