Paranormal Dating Agency – Milly Taiden

The Paranormal Dating Agency series by Milly Taiden

I finally finished all of the books in Milly Taiden’s Paranormal Dating Agency series.  I found the series to be super steamy, with two of the four stories involving ménage couples (M/M/F pairings), and all falling under the paranormal romance genre with a focus on shifters and big, beautiful women (BBW) love interests.  The books ranged in estimated page numbers from around 147 to 186, so they would probably take a day or so to read for faster readers, but if you are savoring them then expect a longer “vacation.”  The world that the author has created presents a reality in which shifters are out and cohabitating with humans, but cross-species mating is not necessary accepted by 100 percent of the populace on either side.

Book 1
Book 1

In Twice the Growl, readers are introduced the Paranormal Dating agency when Talia asks for help finding a date for a family wedding.  A curvy gal, Talia is more than surprised when the owner of the agency sets her up with not one, but two hot shifter guys.  Connor and Theron are pack alpha and beta looking for a third member to complete the alpha triad required to run a pack.  Despite her human origin, the two men are looking hard at Talia, but it will be an uphill battle as both sides face their own challenges.

Book 2
Book 2

Geek Bearing Gifts was so cute!  Nita is looking for the real deal, and the Paranormal Dating Agency sends her back to her roots by pairing her up with a highschool love interest.  Ky cannot believe his luck when Nita just reappears in his life after packmates set him up for a hot date through the agency.  It looks like both Nita and Ky have family meddling in their affairs, and the danger of another pack encroaching on Ky’s territory.  It looks like both Nita and Ky have family meddling in their affairs, and the danger of another pack encroaching on Ky’s territory.

Book 3
Book 3

Alyssa is looking for a family man and cat lover in Her Purrfect Match, and the Paranormal Dating Agency hooks her up with a feline shifter who needs a mate to maintain the alpha position in his pride.  Grayson is definitely not looking hard for a female, but he is not going to turn down the hot little lady that shows up claiming to be his date.  Another male set up by his pridemates, Grayson is concerned about pride politics and attempted overthrow as well as Alyssa’s requirements for a mate (who mates for love, anyway?).  Will they survive to become a couple, or will stubborn male pride or deadly usurpers kill this relationship before it gets off the ground?

Book 4
Book 4

I really enjoyed the latest book in the series.  In Curves ‘em Right, the author pairs up a little sister with her big brother’s boyhood friends and her own childhood crushes.  Mrs. Wilder, the owner of the dating agency, goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure these three meet up with no background on their dates.  Kane and Blake are another alpha and beta duo looking for their third, and they are fully invested in the hot pairing until they realize just who they have their hands all over.  An overprotective older brother, the potential loss of a longtime friend, and pack issues are all working against this set of lovers.

This series was a fun read, and the books are currently selling for 99 cents on Amazon, so they are totally affordable.  If you are not heavy on the physical activity and steamy language, then you may want to pass these books by, but you will be missing out on some cute couples.


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