His Secretary: Undone by Melanie Marchande

Ohhh, Mr. Risinger! <3
Ohhh, Mr. Risinger! ❤

While I claim to prefer genres other than contemporary, this book was recommended by a really good friend, the type of friend that you one-click purchase based on their word alone.  I have never read this author before, but based on the quality of this single amazing piece I will definitely be reader fangirl stalking her henceforth (I love using that word!).  This book met all of my requirements for satisfaction: humor, steamy love, inspiration of strong emotions, and well developed characters.  To the author – thank you for a strong female character, and for Mr. Risinger!

This story focuses around a secretary at the end of her rope after grappling with a serious alpha (read between the lines here: a-hole) boss for years.  Megan is a curvy girl with serious skills, but she has been sacrificing herself at the altar of pleasing the group rather than pleasing herself.  After reading an amazingly steamy series about a secretary and her boss, everything goes to hell in a handbasket.  Adrian Risinger is the resident alpha and boss dreamcrusher at the publishing house that employs Megan – in fact, she works directly for Mr. Risinger.  When he calls her into his office with the most off-the-wall request coinciding with her binge read of the delicious book series, things take a turn…a serious turn…and only time will tell if the two of them are bouncing back, or just bouncing.

I actually laughed out loud while reading this book.  It really is that funny.  This was such an enjoyable story with fun characters despite the issues that they may be struggling through.  I appreciate all aspects of the story, and especially an author who can work the more shapely girls into the mix.  You go, girl.  No, I’m serious – you go…go buy the book now.  It’s on sale.  I’ll even link it below.  Also – is billionaire romance a subgenre now or what?


THIS is the link to the book on Amazon!

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