Ricochet by Skye Jordan

Super sexy cover
Super sexy cover

Ricochet is the third book in Skye Jordan’s Renegades series, which continues to be fabulous.  A contemporary romance with shades of steamy erotic interaction, I thoroughly enjoyed working my way through this book.  If you appreciate both strong female and male leads in your stories and books that inspire emotion, then this author will not disappoint.  At an estimated 342 pages, Ricochet is an ideal read for a longer span of time – I had to split it over a few bedtime sessions (unfortunately real life/work kept interrupting).

Rachel, the female focus in this book and secretary/administrative lead for the Renegades team, is a strong woman with solid morals and rules in place for emotional and psychological survival.  A hurt from the past makes it very hard for her to move forward romantically, with unwanted attention from a peer arising at work to cause more problems.  Nathan Ryker drops by on his leave from Afghanistan to help out his Renegades buddy Troy with a huge operation for Jax’s Renegades team.  After many years of service overseas including intense combat, Ryker is carrying around a huge amount of psychological baggage.  Instead of seeking professional help Ryker has been self-medicating with women, and has almost reached a breaking point.

Honestly, as a military member myself I usually stay away from books with military themes, but this was a pleasant surprise.  I found that Nathan was very well written, and I definitely empathize with the character and appreciate the detail that Jordan worked into this story.  Without letting the problems associated with post-traumatic stress disorder consume the character, Jordan has managed to highlight the warrior spirit of the individual.  Upon finishing the book, I was thankful for the reminder that we may definitely feel that life has turned us inside out and irreversibly altered our very perception of self, we can still continue.  Rachel and Ryker make such a wonderful couple, and it feels like this book has boosted the series for me even more (if that was possible).


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.  Skye Jordan also runs the Romance, Giveaways, Deals & New Releases Facebook page.

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