The Winter King by C.L. Wilson

Beautiful cover in classic style!
Beautiful cover in classic style!

Fabulous.  I finished up Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s King trilogy and turned to my RT Book Review magazine for a suggestion on what to tackle next, and found C.L. Wilson’s The Winter King had received Top Pick and a 4.5 star rating from the reviewer.  The short description sounded interesting, and I found that the book left very little wanting.  Let me just lay it all out there and say that I am a complete sucker for triumphant underdogs, badass boys and girls, and action alongside steamy romance.  This was my first C.L. Wilson book, but it will definitely not be my last.

The Winter King is the first book in Wilson’s Weathermages of Mystral series, and the story focuses on the troubled princess Khamsin of Summerlea and the conquering King of Wintercraig, Wynter Atrialan.  Wynter has huge beef with the Summerlea King, and he aims to ensure full submission of both kingdom and people before he calls off the ongoing war.  When the abused Khamsin finds herself sacrificed on the altar of concessions as a bride to the brutal King, the last thing she expects is compassion, courage, and a spark of lust with enough intensity to burn them both alive.  The emotion, action, and worldbuilding involved in this series kept the book moving at a great pace and had me reading through the night.

Fantasy…and very likely paranormal…or just general romance fans will not be disappointed with this story – the author has worked to build an amazing foundation of history, geography, and magic into this world to sustain it for quite a few books.  According to her very well laid-out website, she is currently working on the second book in this series which is titled The Sea King.  I am pretty sure this has to do with a character we meet toward the end of The Winter King, and I am so ready to read this book!

Happy reading!


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