The King Trilogy by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

I just finished reading the third and final book in the scintillating, steamy, dark and emotionally charged King Trilogy by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff.  I usually try to drop one review per book, but I feel like separating the trilogy into three reviews would kind of mutilate the story, which is amazing.  I really enjoyed these stories, and the only real drawback was the lull between each publication, because I really wanted to know what happened next.  If you have not read the trilogy yet, then lucky, lucky you – you can just burn through them all in one massive book binge!

King’s – Book 1

In this book we meet Mia, a seemingly normal human who happens to have some abnormal and dormant gifts.  When something horrible happens to Mia’s brother and she is unable to help, she manages to find an ally in the mysterious, deadly, and in turns terrible being known only as King.  Where Mia’s gifts are dormant, something about the way the author delivers King tells you that he is a force to be reckoned with, and not quite your average mortal badass.  For the somewhat normal Mia, making deals with the devil might lead her to an early grave, but the question in the first book really is…whose grave will it be?  This book delivers action, wonderful worldbuilding, dark and steamy encounters, and a healthy serving of the paranormal romance that we know and love.

King for a Day – Book 2

I do not want to give anything away, but there is some serious action in the second book.  Horrors from the first book are revisited, and terrible truths come to light while Mia struggles with what has occurred with her brother, her feelings for King, and just staying the freak alive!  Things start getting pretty crazy, and Mia finds that she is able to bend where the average person would break…or maybe King has managed to push her beyond her ability to cope?  King’s past is moved back into the present as Mia tries to minimize damage and go toe-to-toe with heavyweight class entities competing for World’s Most Sadistically Evil Entity (seriously, the author outdid herself on the villains here).  What exactly is King up to, and does she even care anymore…should she care?

King of Me – Book 3

In this final story the author allows Mia’s special abilities to fully bloom, with amazing leaps that enable Mia to gain perspective and lay a full battle plan.  Despite the best of intentions, things still manage to get sideways…and when things get sideways where King is involved, death and other horrible things can and do happen.  At this point I found myself struggling with deep feelings of dislike and a dark fascination with what exactly was happening between Mia and King.  Whatever I thought was going to happen, the author managed to flip the script and immediately I backpedaled on my anticipated outcome.  Again, I do not want to spoil anything, but holy cheese.

As a trilogy this one is about average in regards to page number at around 300 pages per book and I found the length to be very well managed by the author with enough detail and story packed into each book.  Well, it was never enough, really…I think I screamed at the end of books one and two, and then the terrible wait began for the next book.  It was definitely enough to keep me screaming and clicking that evil one-click purchase button.  These books are ideal for reading over time in any setting, as long as you are comfortable reading hot, steamy, dark paranormal deliciousness with your grandmother in the room.  If you are at all unsure or you just want to sample the goods, at the moment the author is offering the first book for the low, low price of free on Amazon.

Now…When does Mack’s book come out?


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