Rebel by Skye Jordan

The beautiful, steamy cover!
The beautiful, steamy cover!

Skye Jordan’s Rebel is the second in her Renegades series, and reading it was an absolute pleasure.  I seem to be reading a lot of contemporary romance lately, even though I usually favor paranormal romance – but if you are going to cheat on another genre/author/book then this is the story to choose.  I love the world that Jordan has built for her Renegades series.  These stories are fun and exciting, focusing on a group of guys who work as stuntmen in Hollywood.  The first book, Reckless, was about the owner of the stunt company and a posh wedding dress designer who clawed her way from poverty to working with Hollywood’s social elite (check out my review here).  You can actually still get the first book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for free as of today’s date.

This story concentrates on sexy former model Rubi, the wild best friend introduced in the first book, and Rubi’s character is as human as it gets.  I felt that Rubi was so well written, and in line with Jordan’s style of writing such depth of human nature into each character while highlighting the evolution of each personality.  Rubi has issues and a tough past, but that does not put country boy Wes off at all.  Determined to pull her out of her non-committing comfort zone and into a serious monogamous relationship, Wes devotes everything he has to drawing Rubi in…but normal relationship steps will not work with Rubi.  Ready to take off at the drop of a hat, Rubi’s emotional tenseness feeds the story while Wes struggles to keep the woman focused on their relationship.  Will Rubi come to her senses, or will Wes decide that maybe he is fighting too hard to keep them together?

This is a sweet before bedtime read, but it might take you two or three nights to finish.  There are some super steamy scenes and the author keeps the heat up to max levels in this hot, hot book.  One of the things that I really love about this story is that it emphasizes the blur of heat and excitement that explodes at the beginning of an amazing relationship.  Great read!


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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