Roped In: A Blacktop Cowboys Novella by Lorelei James


This is a review for Roped In: A Blacktop Cowboys Novella by Lorelei James, which is also part of the super sexy 1001 Dark Nights novella collection. Thus far the collection has boasted tales from Larissa Ione, Heather Graham, and Cherise Sinclair just to name a few…with a promising Breed novella coming from the lovely Lara Adrian next month. This novella weighs in at an estimated 145 pages, and James uses every page to the advantage of the story. You will find that some novellas leave you wanting more details, more story, more character development, but that is not the case with Roped In at all.

This tale is about a sassy horse trainer on the rebound and a sweetheart of a cowboy who is struggling with a change of life moment. If you are familiar with rodeo personalities, this book will bring back memories, and if you have yet to get a behind the lines peek at rodeo life then you are in for a treat. London and Sutton seem to be at odds before life pushes them together again, but after striking a deal they start to work toward a common goal. As with many love stories, the end goal becomes muddled in living life and the relationship budding between London and Sutton hangs in the balance.

I am not a huge fan of contemporaries, but I thoroughly enjoyed this short and sweet story. It is ideal for a before bedtime read or a short trip, depending on how fast you read (and whether or not you can put it down). Once again the 1001 Dark Nights collection shines, and Lorelei James definitely delivers on her home turf of western romance.


You can also find the author on her website (18 and over only!), Facebook, or Twitter.

You can also check out the 1001 Dark Nights line on the website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can also find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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