Taming the Lion by Vivi Andrews


I really enjoy the writing style presented by Vivi Andrews in all of her paranormal romance books, and her latest release is no exception. Taming the Lion is the second book in Andrews’ Lone Pine Pride series, and I think I have been anticipating the story about cougar shifter Patch and lion shifter Roman more than the first book in the series! Patch is your everyday tomboy type of girl who tends to blend in as “one of the guys,” and Roman is a strong alpha type personality at the top of the lion pride hierarchy. Patch has watched Roman from afar for years, but he has been unofficially affianced to her best friend for many years, and pursuing him would be impossible due to pride tradition and a danger to her longest friendship. Roman wants Patch, but he could lose his place as the Alpha’s heir if he spurns the arranged marriage with the Alpha’s daughter, and the pride could fall completely apart in the fighting which could follow such an upset.

Confirmation of a human group hunting shifters has come home to roost at Lone Pine Pride, and Roman is grappling with the fallout as word spreads about another pride who wants to come out to mankind. The arrival of Patch’s heat cycle and the simultaneous announcement for pride members to circle the wagons seems to be rather unluckily timed. As Patch and Roman begin to interact as more than pride members, the will of both shifters seems to fade – rules be damned. Though they both agree that an extended relationship is not an option, they dive into the short term fling with searing heat and emotion. In interacting with Patch, Roman begins to see the pride differently…and starts to think about making some changes. Will the changes happen in time for Patch and Roman, though? Or will the pride come first?

This book is stands alone at around 230 pages, but there are shades of book one present so I would recommend reading them in order (because I am kind of obsessive compulsive about it, not because it is better or worse). The first book was only slightly over an estimated 100 pages, so you could totally read the two books in two or three days…who needs sleep, anyway?! If you are interested in hearing about book one, you can find my review here. I would recommend this book for lovers of paranormal romance, especially shifters, and of course any fans of Vivi Andrews.

Favorite quote: “Don’t be such a big pussy.”  She grinned.  “Uphill is the fun part.”


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can also find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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