Dark Prince by Eve Silver


This review is for Eve Silver’s Dark Prince, a historical romance with dark undertones that fit well into the two previous Dark series books that she published.  The setting is Cornwall in the 19th century, and you will find Silver’s description of the English coast to be very on-point, from the penetrating rain to the rustic beauty.  The author also delves into the deliciously dangerous pastime of pirating, smuggling, and even wrecking which were very well known dangers at that point in history.  Throughout the story readers are presented with the very worst of humanity, and a light of hope in the dark.  Eve Silver spins a tale of tortured hero and heroine, fighting for redemption of a dark hero while holding out hope that love will triumph.

An innkeeper’s daughter, Jane seems to fight her more base instincts initially but once she settles more into her own skin and accepts her emotions as the tools that they are, she begins to shine.  Aidan descends upon Jane’s quiet village and wrests her from her father in exchange for forgiving a large debt.  By all rights, Jane expects to hate and fear this dark and handsome man who has forced her into indentured servitude, but the emotions he inspires are much more dangerous than dislike.  At around 350 pages, this story is good for an extended read over the course of a trip and it is excellent to read before bedtime…if you can put it down.  I read it several years ago, and re-read it this month to find it just as sweet the second time around.


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can also find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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