Outfoxed by Love – Eve Langlais


Steamy Cover!
Steamy Cover!

The author of the Furry United Coalition (FUC) books has churned out another fun and humorous romance with her latest in the Kodiak Point series, Outfoxed by Love. This story features a fox shifter, Jan, and her fated mate Boris…who happens to be a moose. Despite the species gap, Jan is dead set on acquiring Boris, and Boris is dead set on avoiding the sexy and sweet fox. In addition to the more obvious problems, Boris also has post-traumatic stress disorder to contend with and is protecting Jan by keeping his distance.

The first book in the series (Kodiak’s Claim) was just as cute and steamy as this book, and while not necessary to understand all the aspects of book two, it does provide a nice foundation and enhances enjoyment of this charming tale. The growing conflict between Gene (is he the villain or what? bwahahaha) and the shifters of Kodiak Point amps up in this book, though, and makes the reader ready to jump straight into book three! The chemistry between Jan and Boris is off the charts, and the action scenes are on par with those of the FUC books – minus the mutants. This book ranges at a little over 200 pages, so it is ideal for an afternoon or nighttime read and as of today is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $3.99. Eve Langlais is releasing book three of this series, Polar Bared, in November!


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