Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison



This review is for a book published in 2012 from Thea Harrison’s The Elder Races series. Many paranormal romance fans will recognize this magnificent series, but those who have yet to sample the delights of this world should definitely take the time to check it out. While the series starts with Dragon Bound, the books and novellas can definitely stand alone. There are seven books, seven novellas, two collections and a short story currently populating this series.  The latest book, Night’s Honor, came out this month!

Harrison writes her male and female counterparts a little bit different from what you expect to see in mainstream romance. When I read a rant about Disney’s glorification of villains or the alteration of the pure hero mindset, I always think of the work my favorite authors are doing. Do not expect dishrag females or goody two shoes males (or females, for that matter) in The Elder Races series. If you are into something a little more grit, full of supernatural and paranormal goodness, then follow this author.

This story is about Grace Andreas, the woman who inherited the position and powers of oracle, and Khalil, Djinn prince of House Marid. Grace is definitely overworked in both the personal and professional aspects, and she is barely making ends meet while struggling to keep it together emotionally. Khalil, like so many Djinn, comes across as egotistical and cold at first but as the book progresses the author peels the layers away and reveals the real Khalil. Love at first sight? Not so much…but in this case it is definitely more fun to experience the struggle toward love with the couple.

“I think this time you scared the immortality out of me.” – Khalil, Oracle’s Moon by Thea Harrison


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