Hard as Steele by Georgette St. Clair


Steamy Shifter Cover
Steamy Shifter Cover

I am a big, big fan of Georgette St. Clair’s paranormal romance work, especially the Shifters, Inc. and Blue Moon Junction series. I especially appreciate the fact that the heroines that his writer produces are not always society’s ideal, but instead are big, beautiful woman (BBW) and definitely not the dishrag type. Her shifter covers typically feature a hot, steamy dude and his animal counterpart with an open skyline or nature setting at the bottom near the title. Hard as Steele is part of her Timber Valley Pack series which runs about 150 pages per book, making them shorter stories but excellent quality and ideal for a single day read or bedtime read.

Hard as Steele stars Roxanne, a small town cook who is rescued by a smoking hot dude after a car accident, and Sheriff Steele Battle of Timber Valley…who is the smoking hot dude, of course. Although shifter and human relationships are strictly forbidden by pack law, things get carried away. Instead of forgetting Steele (as intended), Roxanne starts to suffer from horrible bouts of amnesia…and over a year later shows up in Steele’s shifter town asking for him. The armed kidnappers from previous books are back, too, and unknown shifters come on to the scene…but what will happen to Roxanne and Steele? Shifter law dictates that anyone revealing shifters to humans must pay the ultimate price, but is a life without love really living?

I enjoyed the book, and I enjoy her work – you will not be disappointed. The book is currently going for 99 cents at Amazon, and I am sure Barnes & Noble is competitively priced.

Favorite quote of the book: “Well, you’re a hallucination. Of course you’d say that. Maybe you’re an angel, trying to cheer me up as I’m dying. Not that I mind,” she added. This is one good looking angel, she thought to herself. Thanks, Supreme Being! I really appreciate it.




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