Shadows of Asphodel by Karen Kincy


The beautiful that Ardis?  Because she is amazing!
The beautiful cover…is that Ardis? Because she is amazing!

A week or so ago I posted the free link for this new adult book on my Facebook page along with a short snippet about what genre…exactly…this book calls home. Dieselpunk is the title that I saw attached to it in one description, and I admit that despite having read for these many (it is starting to feel like many) years, I had never heard of the genre before. Apparently this genre is not exactly an offshoot of steampunk, but it is a separate category of literature entirely dealing with the interwar 1950s diesel era. That is the most basic explanation that I can give, and I snagged the book because it was free for a limited time and I felt that I should be exposed at least once to this genre…and free is the best price?

I have never heard of Karen Kincy before, but I will definitely be keeping a reader’s eye on her after finishing Shadows of Asphodel. The characters in the book are intense and inspiring individuals that are easy to connect with, and I found myself hooked just a few pages in. Ardis with her foreign beauty and deadly skills, Wendel with his charm and apparent lack of conscience, and even the steadfast Konstantin all suck the reader into the story. Magic, emotion, action, and fascinating worldbuilding keep the reader flipping from page to page to track the couple. I hit one point, at exactly 86% into the story, where I turned to my husband and stated that if the characters did not reach some established point before the story ended, then I would probably break my kindle over my knee. The threat of damage to my beloved kindle should be enough to convey my emotional investment.

You can definitely feel the new adult flavor of this book in the actions of both the male and female lead characters. All the factors you expect to find in a romance book are present in this story, including physical interaction between the primary characters, but do not expect crazy five page love scenes. This book does not need to dress up the interactions between Ardis and Wendel – they simmer from chapter to chapter and ignite as they come together. I feel like there is such a great balance between romance, action, and the fascinating world that these characters live in that I am asking my husband to read the book as well. I had to buy the book for him, because it is no longer free, but it is totally worth it! There have definitely been some books that it was difficult to rate on a star rating, but this is definitely a firewall five, people.




You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.



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