Nora Roberts Land (Dare Valley Book 1) by Ava Miles

What a sweet cover!
What a sweet cover!

Another contemporary romance! I am totally on a roll with the contemporaries lately.  This little treat was another freebie that I just could not pass up because the description was too cute.  Ladies, how many of us have read a book from cover to cover and thought (with many a dreamy sigh) how wonderful it would be if someone would swoop down on us and deliver the much desired happily ever after (HEA)?  How many times have we had reality (often in the form of other people) crush our well-crafted ideal of what romance is and how it should happen?

A woman in her early thirties divorces her 100% asshole cheater husband, who not-so-kindly informs her that Nora Roberts set their relationship up for failure with her fairytale HEAs.  Divorce is no walk in the park, especially after investing years in the bond, but her ex did not stop with merely divorce and instead sought to rip her to pieces emotionally and psychologically.  Meredith decides to head home to help her family out with their local newspaper business and prove that “Nora Roberts Land” does indeed exist.  A journalist with aspirations for Senate, the evil ex decides that the potential Nora Roberts Land-esque article might damage his aspirations for office, and that Meredith might use the ammunition she has to sink his political bid.  In comes the studly mcstuddenstein Tanner, thinking that the man is about to offer him a job after his war zone correspondence gig, only to be blackmailed into crushing Meredith.

People, there is action – lots of action – and emotion, and assholes…it’s practically real life!  Perhaps the most important point to be made here is reinforcement of love, HEAs, and yes, Nora Roberts Land too!  Pick it up for free on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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