Reckless (Renegades Book 1) by Skye Jordan

Hello, steamy cover :)
Hello, steamy cover 🙂

Initial post-book feeling:  This book was a complete surprise.  It is currently being offered for free through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, so sometimes when you snap up a freebie you are kind of playing roulette with your time.  I lost sleep over this book.  I went from mildly interested in the drama that was introduced on the first few pages to fully involved in the potential happy ever after (HEA) that was within reach of the couple.  I do not call myself a reader of contemporary romance, but I am a reader of romance, and Jordan’s writing is addictive.

The cover:  The cover of Reckless is dominated by the upper bodies of a male and female cover model that are lying down and sharing a deep kiss.  The only part of the couple that is visible runs from just above the chin to the tops of their sexy black underwear.  The male, who is on top, sports a dark brunette or black dusting of facial hair and a wicked black tribal tattoo running from his left shoulder (which faces the admirer) down to his elbow.  The left forearm providing support while he embraces his lady is slightly forward, toward the cover admirer, just dominant enough.  The female cover model’s darker blond hair dances across the sheets at the left edge of the cover, and her lovely breasts which are encased in a naughty black bra press wantonly against the male’s chest.  The female cover model is reaching around the male, and her hands peek back at you from the top of his spine and at his left hip, with the left hand flashing a large ring with a dark oval stone on her index finger.  I had some definite trouble trying to identify the exact purple in the background, but I would say it is a cross between bossanova purple and blackcurrant purple.  New York Times Bestselling Author dances across the top of the cover in italicized white, with the author’s name in a capitalized creamy yellow font dominating the upper third of the cover with a short endorsement from Elizabeth Naughton in a darker purple below and to the right.  Reckless is in a beautiful italicized darker purple at the bottom of the cover, with a smaller capitalized font below identifying the book as part of the Renegades series.

Now, for the meat of the review – at around 300 pages, this book is just what many romance reader is seeking for action, emotion, and detail.  The basic rundown is two strangers meet, click, and run away into the sun together.  Anyone living in reality knows that nothing in life is this easy, and the male and female characters that are the focus of this story are no exception.

Lexi LaCroix may have had a rough and impoverished upbringing, but she has managed to survive life’s challenges (including a jackhole fiancé) and rise to her current position hovering on the cusp of true success.  Her field of work designing couture wedding dresses for the very well-to-do and high society has made high demands on her life beyond the physical investment of making the dresses.  She really does not have the time for romance, nor can she jump in bed with just any guy; between clients that live in the spotlight and the cutthroat struggle to further her business, Lexi is forced into the spotlight as well.  Any guy that she gets with is going to have to pass the gauntlet of upper crust Los Angeles society, or be very, very temporary.

Jax Chamberlain is a former actor gone stuntman who runs his own business.  He has suffered most of the violations foisted upon the famous people living the Hollywood scene, from self-absorbed girlfriends with ulterior motives to family demands that he alter his lifestyle to fit the ideal.  A known playboy with the tattoos, clothing, and demeanor that scream danger, his friends are encouraging him to strike out in a different direction and look for a female that is more sweet than sexy.  The moment he sees Lexi in her friend Rubi’s Lamborghini at the airport, he realizes that she is exactly what he is supposed to be avoiding in order to bypass the emotional damage that he has experienced in the past.

These characters are written to provide the perfect amount of friction, and the obstacles that the author places before them are solid and believable.  The sex scenes are steamy, and are – once again – incredibly written.  This book is definitely worth your time, and I am happy to be pleasantly surprised that is currently offered at no cost to the readers.  Now I have to know what happens to Rubi and Wes in book two of this series!


You can find the author on her website, Facebook, or Twitter.

If you enjoyed my review, you can find me on my website, Facebook, or Twitter.

Here are the B&N and Amazon links for Reckless.




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