Masters of Seduction: Books 1-4

Sexy Cover!
Sexy Cover!

by Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright, and Alexandra Ivy

This review will cover the Masters of Seduction book which contains four stories by heavy hitting authors Lara Adrian, Donna Grant, Laura Wright, and Alexandra Ivy. The world that has been created by these authors is amazing! I absolutely loved the setting of the books and the world of the Nephilim and Incubus houses that keeps the pace of the story moving so well. It was very hard to put the book down at all, but a girl has to sleep sometime.

The cover of the book features a couple in a close embrace on a black background, with the head of the dark-haired male and female dominating the top portion of the book. The female has her dark shadowed eyes closed and her mouth slightly open in a sigh, clutching at the back of her partner’s head. The male is nuzzling her neck, his face partially obscured by her chin and lips, but a shadow of a beard is visible on his sharp jaw. His eyes are also closed, and his dark brown hair is just long enough to begin a curl against his light skin. The title of the book is in bold golden letters in the middle of front cover with purple smoke dancing behind the seductively curled font. The names of the authors center the bottom of the book in strong white font over a background of pale columns wreathed in ivy against a dark gray sky. The cover is very arresting and is an excellent fit to the stories contained in the book.

The first story in the book is Merciless: House of Gravori by Lara Adrian. I really felt like this story leapt straight into emotional turmoil and action instead of leading into the action with details. It was almost as if you were snatched up in the middle of a run and forced to keep pace or die, but it was exhilarating! The details that were necessary (no more, no less) were fed into the story as it progressed, such as who the Nephilim were and how the Incubus/Nephilim relationship functioned, and what powers were related to both races and any outliers. Out for revenge for the professional murder of his brother, the lead male in this delicious tale is taking no prisoners, or wait…yes he is – he is taking the head guard of the people he suspects are responsible for his brother’s death! It just so happens she is a stone cold fox, and a perfect complement to the dark Incubus Master of the House of Gravori. This story of Devlin “Devil” Gravori and Blade warrior Nahiri is fast paced and super steamy, with enough intrigue and action to keep even the most easily distracted reader turning pages (or clicking, whichever).

Soulless: House of Romerac by Donna Grant is another quality story – all the stories in this book were fantastic. Each story feeds into the next story, and the houses and characters fit together so well that it is hard to believe they were completed by different authors. House of Romerac was dealt a serious blow when they lost their Master Canaan Romerac, believed to be dead or a deserter to his house. In reality Canaan spent five centuries in the Oubliette, a prison for supernatural criminals, after being betrayed by his own family. Canaan manages to escape, though, and he is out for blood…and sexy time, which will provide the power boost necessary to lay the smack down. In his search for a nearby partner Canaan stumbles across the Nephilim Rayna, who is flying below the radar to avoid her family – she has also sworn off the entire Incubus/Nephilim world. Like the Borg, resisting the sexy Incubus may prove futile for the sassy Nephilim, but the battle is too enchanting too pass up!

Laura Wright’s contribution is Shameless: House of Vipera, and this story features an especially endearing male lead who has felt loss and is suffering from a languishing weakness. The female in this story is full of backbone and ready to charge into battle with the Incubus that intends to claim her on the cusp of her escape from the Harem. The contrast and similarities between these two characters is wonderful, and the details and backgrounds that are provided only serve to enhance the emotions. Rosamund may try to resist the notorious Incubus Master of the House of Vipera, but Scarus is determined to give her exactly what she needs…regardless of her demands.

The last story in this wonderful compilation is Ruthless: House of Xanthe by Alexandra Ivy, and it was a treat to finish up the book. I am a little disappointed that I cannot immediately jump into the next story, but I guess I will just have to anticipate the release of the next book. House of Xanthe has experienced disgrace and a marked loss in the past five hundred years, and the current Master is ready to do what it takes to bring his house back into the running with the other houses. Jian heads out to discover what shady acts the Sovereign (lead Incubus) is up to and stumbles into the Oubliette’s greatest fear, and possibly his greatest challenge. Without giving anything away that is included in earlier books or this story itself, this was another winning tale in a collection of steamy, strongly emotional, and deep stories.

The e-book is selling on Amazon for a sweet 99 cents right now! Go get it, people!


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