Supernatural Freak by Louisa Klein

Supernatural Freak cover (book 1 in the series!)
Supernatural Freak cover (book 1 in the series!)

This is a review for Louisa Klein’s debut novel in a four book series based on the supernaturally talented Robyn Wise, a young Londoner in her early twenties. Supernatural Freak seems to straddle the paranormal and urban fantasy genres, with a hint of romantic interest.  I read an advance reader copy (ARC), but it is my understanding that due to the indie-published nature of Supernatural Freak, some changes had been made by the author based on reader/reviewer feedback.  There were a few grammar and narrative snags in the book, but I want to note that I had an advance reader copy (ARC), which is not usually heavily edited.  I am a reader who is able to move past the surface and into the beef of the story itself, and I think this helped me enjoy Supernatural Freak.  As an American, there were some phrases and terminology that I was unfamiliar with, but I do not think this negatively impacted the overall story delivery.

The cover is black, with half of the left side taken up by half a female face which is symmetrically split down the middle.  The feminine face is pale, with a metallic golden tone to the lips and blue/black/gray toned eye shadow accentuating her golden eyes. Black birds which come into play in the story fly across the neck of the female, with a pair of dark wings just touching her left cheek.  The title is in a yellow metallic gold font at the top of the book, and the author’s name is in a pumpkin orange font about three quarters of the way down and slightly to the right.  The cover is a good reflection of the book when considered with the title.

I do not typically read urban fantasy or paranormal stories that fall outside of paranormal romance, but I am definitely a reader who will stretch a little outside her comfort zone.  I finished this book in three days (I have to work, people!) and I am looking forward to the evolution that this series will take in the next book.  Klein manages to present a leading character that is not a dishrag heroine, but not invincible, having received her own beatings and rescues through the course of the book.  The supporting characters are enjoyable; each written with their own unique personalities and quirks, and it is easy to connect with the ragtag group of would-be heroes and heroines.

Despite the usage of some races that are now common in the paranormal genre, Klein introduces her own spin on the dark side through The Cloud and the demons used by the evil entities in this book.  A story that evolves with its characters, I was pleasantly surprised by the new concepts that the author worked into this urban fantasy/paranormal.  There were really no dull moments, and I think that the author provided just enough detail and action in each scene to keep readers who might have attention issues following along.  I am anxious to see where the next book takes Robyn Wise, and what will happen between her and James?  I would recommend this book for late teens and onward, with a note that there is generous swear word usage and mention of bedmates, but no physical contact outside of a single kiss.

I have read over a few reviews and I am a little bit surprised by the content. Did not finish (DNF) should not be in a review, in my opinion, because if you did not finish the book then you have no leg to stand on for reviews of content. If you found that the book was not to your taste, then who are you to say it will not be favored by someone else?  I have a strong policy of not reviewing material that I am unable to finish, or material that I do not enjoy, and the two of those usually come in the same package.  While some individuals might be happy dropping reviews haphazardly into cyberspace, I encourage other readers to make their own decisions based on reliable sources and research as necessary for the best experience.


Louisa Klein works on the Lost In Fiction website when she is not writing, and you can find her on Twitter and Facebook!

You can purchase Supernatural Freak on Amazon!  The price is definitely affordable!

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