Wolver’s Gold by Jacqueline Rhoades

Ooooh, cowboys!
Ooooh, cowboys!


I finished Wolver’s Gold in two days, and I think that it only took that long because my body succumbed to sleep and I was forced to work hard for my money. *shakes fist* If I knew what was awaiting me in adulthood, I would have stayed sixteen years old forever! I will start this review with a short description of the cover, because many of us who read books on the e-readers miss out on the covers, and some of us with vision problems may not be able to see the cover in detail.

The cover of Wolver’s Gold features a muscly cowboy wearing a dark brown unbuttoned shirt with blue jeans riding just low enough to tempt the eyeballs. The cover model is wearing a brown leather belt with a white and black detailed belt buckle and a sheriff’s star pinned near the left hand pocket. The cowboy is pulling down his brown Stetson hat down so that his face is hidden from the nose upward, but you can appreciate the shape of his cleft chin and dark five o’clock shadow. Behind the cowboy you can see what appears to be an Old West style hotel building and a makeshift gallows, and the trademark wolf eyes peer back at you from the top of the cover. Wolver’s Gold is in bold lettering at the top of the book, followed by a telling statement about “a new sheriff in town”, and the author’s name at the bottom. In keeping with the style of her covers for The Wolvers series, Jacqueline Rhoades has managed to incorporate many of the themes found in the book into the cover art.

Wolver’s Gold is book five in The Wolver’s series by Jacqueline Rhoades, and she definitely has not cut any corners on quality as she churns out the stories. I immediately fell in love with both male and female leads in this book, as Challenger and Rachel had so much that was admirable and interesting in their characters. Challenger works for the rascally Eugene Begley conducting special investigations, and he is sent to Gold Gulch under cover to probe for information and evidence related to suspicious deaths in the wolver community. Rachel lives with her father and helps him run the hotel in the Old West style tourist town where the natives really are living in the 19th century. I have to admit that I do admire the evolution that Rachel’s character experiences throughout the course of the book, and I am really looking forward to discovering what is in store for the remaining characters in this series. I feel that readers who enjoy shifter or paranormal romance will definitely like the books in The Wolvers series, especially Wolver’s Gold!


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