No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It by Celia Kyle

juicy cover
The juicy cover for No Ifs, Ands, or Bears…

In accordance with the prophecies, and my reading trend for shorter books lately, I am reviewing No Ifs, Ands, or Bears About It by Celia Kyle. At 264 pages, this is slightly longer than the shorts that I have been reading lately, and I was pleasantly surprised by the storyline and wordbuilding in this big, beautiful women (BBW) shifter romance. No Ifs, Ands, or Bears is the first book in Kyle’s Grayslake series, and I purchased it along with several other stories from authors that were new to me during a late-night buying rampage. The cover features a handsome lightly tanned male, bare from the waist up, with his hands placed negligently behind his head and a smile that says…ladies, ladies, ladies…one at a time, please. While his chest is clean shaven, he does have a light smattering of hair present in the underarm area but other than the hair on his head he is pretty bare. He is missing enough hair to clearly present all the drool-worthy musculature, but maintains enough manly pelt to represent the fur-bearing mammals. His hair is shorter but not shaven (no high and tight), and his eyes appear to be a dark brown or maybe even a dark hazel, and he is wearing a necklace with a cross and a ring. There is a huge bear peeking from behind him, which lends to the cuteness of the cover.

Celia Kyle manages to hook you at the beginning of the book with the story of an abused and orphaned shifter cub that winds up in the house of the female lead in this book, and the local law enforcement just happens to be the clan leader for the town of mostly bear shifters. The cub is clearly at risk, and the Mia is determined to protect the cub from anyone, including the local clan Itan, which puts her in danger. Ty is determined to take care of the cub and the alluring Mia, and sets about immediately manipulating her into his sensual clutches. In addition to the physical conflict, Mia is considered a half breed and cannot shift, which is a concern for many shifters who believe their kind should breed with the intent of producing shifter offspring.

The book has a good deal of action and the author has built an interesting world in the bear hierarchy for her Grayslake series. Not only does she have a good cast of support characters in this first book, but she gives enough detail about the additional characters that you want to see what is in store for the rest of the clan. Celia Kyle has also added wolves and hyenas to the mix, so do not expect to focus entirely on the bears. I enjoyed the book, and it definitely works for a shorter read if you are traveling or between longer books. If you are still unsure if this book is for you, then feel free to check out the sample offered by Amazon.


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