The Waiting Booth by Brinda Berry

Evie with her signed copy of The Waiting Booth
Evie with her signed copy of The Waiting Booth

I am typing up this review with the help of my daughter, Evelynn (or Evie), who read the book that I picked up at the Romantic Times Book Review 2014.  I actually wandered over to the author during the Giant Book Fair and asked about her book and if it would be a good fit for my daughter.  The author is super nice, by the way!  The book seems a little slim at first glance, with only 200 pages, but the cover is very pretty.  The cover consists of a young adult female in a white tank top and jeans standing before a woods backlit in pink dusk.  The book is set in a countryside setting that mainly deals with a wooded area that is owned by the main character’s family.  The main character in this book is Mia, a seventeen year old high school student who begins the book working on a science project related to moon phases.  As the book progresses, Mia begins to realize that there is definitely more to Whispering Woods than meets the eye, and the possibility that her missing brother may be alive springs her into action.

Brinda Berry writes a highly detailed book at the young adult/new adult level, but it is easily enjoyable by any age (Evie is 11).  Evie says that this book was like a journey that seems unsure at the beginning, but once you begin to progress, turning back is not an option.  Evie adds that the end of the book was not the end of the journey, per se, but the revelation of a path to another journey.  Evie also wanted to mention that there is a little bit of kissing, but not enough to “make you throw up.”  Hahaha.  I love her expressions.  All in all, Evie gives Brinda Berry’s The Waiting Booth two pinkie toes way, way up.  The author was also kind enough to personalize a book for Evie at RT Convention 2014, which makes this book Evie’s first autographed book.  Whoop whoop!


You can check out Brinda Berry on her website, Facebook, or on Twitter!  You can purchase her book hardcopy or soft copy through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

You can check me out on my website, Facebook, or Twitter too!  🙂


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