The Duke’s Match Girl


This review is a fairly short one because the story is only 111 pages! One of the free books that we received at the Romantic Times Book Convention 2014 was The Duke’s Match Girl by Lila DiPasqua. This is a great feel-good historical romance with a Christmas holiday setting that despite being short, inspires a compelling amount of emotion and heat.  As of June 2014 this is DiPasqua’s latest publication and the newest book in her Fiery Tales series.  Had the story been longer and thus more detailed, with a little more action, I think it would have been out of this world. Given the length of the novella, this tale is quite enchanting. The author adds a little innovation and science, stays true to the times in regards to the facts, and only strays from what you might consider the norm when dealing with the relationship between the two main characters. You kind of come to expect abnormal activity when love and lust are involved, though, right? The Duke’s Match Girl leaves me wondering if the rest of the books are just as charming? This is a great story for before bed, and a good filler for between books. Let me know what you think!


Check out Lila DiPasqua at her website, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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