Burning Dawn by Gena Showalter


Today’s review will focus on Gena Showalter’s recent release Burning Dawn. Paranormal romance fans will usually recognize her name because she is made of awesome (this is not an exaggeration at all, of course). A few of Gena Showalter’s best known series in the paranormal circle are Alien Huntress, Atlantis, and my personal favorite – Lords of the Underworld. After its 29 April 2014 release, I read this book on the Kindle in a matter of hours, following the characters beyond bedtime and into the wee hours of the morning. Burning Dawn comes from a new(ish) series called Angels of the Dark that seemed to branch off the well-known Lords of the Underworld series.

Angels of the Dark focuses on angelic warriors from a varying class system which Showalter explains in fair detail, and in this book the Sent One called Thane is the male lead. Elin, a sweet, mistreated Phoenix halfling with a sad past and a dim future plays the role of the female interest. Fans of the series may know some of Thane’s tortured history as well as that of his brothers in arms, Xerxes and Bjorn. The relationship between the males is a main feature in this book, and Elin’s personality easily compliments that relationship while enhancing the interaction between the workers and comrades that appear in Thane’s club.

There are scenes in this book that are full of gore, violence, and emotion. The book carries itself along quite nicely, and it is well written – fans will approve. For fans who read Showalter regardless of the series, you will not be disappointed. New readers to the series will be happy to delve into the detail world, clever wit, and charming personalities that Showalter creates in her books. There have been rumors of an alteration in the author’s style after her online testimony regarding her religious status. Stop, collaborate and listen, people: this book will prove you wrong. First, religions aside, if you are only reading a book for certain aspects rather than the story as a whole, then perhaps you are dabbling in the wrong genre?

Most of the sites give this book a rating somewhere between 4 and 5 stars, and I find this rating to be fair, even though some of the reviews seemed a little ridiculous and unnecessarily mean. If you do not like the book, it does not mean someone else will not like it. Paranormal fans should check the book out – nothing less than four stars would keep me awake past my bedtime – I would recommend this steamy third book in the series as a great standalone and introduction to Angels of the Dark.


Helpful Links:

You can find Gena Showalter on Facebook, Twitter, or her self-titled website.

Burning Dawn can be found on Amazon, Goodreads , and Barnes & Noble.

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