Three Weeks with Lady X by Eloisa James

For my first blog, I want to talk about the most recent release in the Desperate Duchesses series  by historical heavyweight Eloisa James.  She’s not a heavyweight in real life, mind you, but in the author class she has numerous awards, tons of successful books, and is super active for her fans.  Three Weeks with Lady X was released in late April, 2014, and contains 385 pages of historical awesomeness.  If you have never read Eloisa James before, I recommend starting any of her extremely credible, detailed series with the first book in the set.  In the case of Desperate Duchesses, the first book shares the same name as the series.  Even if you read Three Weeks with Lady X as a standalone, you would have no problems following the storyline and picking up favorite characters (some of whom play primary roles in previous novels in the series).


Three Weeks with Lady X was a delicious read.  I am not particularly a person who reads a book multiple times, but I could easily revisit this engaging love story.  The lead male in this piece is Thorn Dautry, the wealthy bastard son of the notorious Duke of Villiers.  He comes across as a hot, studly mcstuddenstein who would turn you inside out and leave you in the dust with a clear conscience, but as the story progresses, his facade falls away to reveal the true Thorn (who is definitely worth some sacrifice on behalf of the heroine).  This guy has his own money, no concern for society and the strictures found within that set, and has decided to settle down.  After acquiring a property with a somewhat questionable background in order to secure a desirable spouse, Thorn’s stepmother recommends Lady Xenobia India to help him bring the property up to snuff.

Lady Xenobia, aka India, is the daughter of a marquess who has established a name for herself as a renovator among the ton.  India has managed to keep her head high and retain her social status despite working by ensuring she was properly chaperoned by a doting aunt, and by catering to each client.  A beautiful woman, India is forced to expertly dodge multiple attempts at engagement in order to retain her hard-earned freedom.  India is not a quitter, and when asked by a friend (Thorn’s stepmother) to assist a relative in need, she steps into the role despite an immediate negative reaction to Thorn.  Well, she thought it was a negative reaction…but maybe we could just call it an unusual reaction?

Love won easily is not as sweet as the love that requires sacrifice, and in this book both characters sacrifice themselves to grasp at the potential happiness in securing a relationship.  The odds are definitely stacked against the protagonists in this work, and it will not disappoint.

In this story you will find romance, tension, hot steamy lovin’, and a cast of characters that will endear you to the series and the author.  Trust me!  I bought the entire series after reading this exact book.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have feedback, recommendations, and especially if you have checked out the book!




You can find the book on any of the normal sites, but I use Amazon!

Check out Eloisa James on Facebook, Twitter, or at her self-titled website.


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